What to Drink With Wild Meat

If you’re game for eating our wild meats, you’re not alone as they are exported globally. We rarely eat our native meats, which is a shame. Not only are they delicious and nutritious, but padded paws have less impact on our environment. Kangaroo and wallaby meat is lean, and high in protein and iron. Cooking it can be tricky: the tip is to either serve it rare or as a slow-cooked dish so it doesn’t end up tough and dry. We should also eat more venison. Deer is an introduced animal with cloven feet and maundering herds can damage our fragile environment. Eating more venison could help reduce this impact. And game animals make marvellous charcuterie, too. Peter Bourne finds the perfect accompaniments to match, in

Gourmet Traveller Wine October/November 2021 issue