Wine Tastings & Dinners

Peter is highly sought after as a speaker for his wine skills and his sparkling personality.

A corporate wine tasting, whether cocktail party style or a seated dinner, hosted by Peter Bourne will leave your staff and clients with a lasting and memorable impression.

Peter’s style is relaxed and informative – the antithesis of aloof and elitist. He brings a sense of energy and fun to learning about wine by avoiding unnecessary jargon and technical gobbledygook.

An experienced Master of Ceremonies, Peter can entertain and educate at small private gatherings or large symposiums and every size in-between.

Be it formal dining, a cocktail party, or a private education session, Peter’s depth of experience and professional approach will ensure your desired outcome.

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Peter is available to do these events Australia wide.

Conferences & Events

Most conferences and events build in a social component to allow attendees to build stronger relationships with an element other than pure business. A wine tasting or hosted dinner is a relaxed way of introducing this to your event.

Peter is a highly experienced and sought after guest speaker and Master of Ceremonies with his relaxed and informative style. Fun and informal, yet at the same time educational and entertaining, guests will remember and recall a session with Peter Bourne for a long time.

Peter is available for evening and day sessions, Australia-wide.

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Team Building

Tailored events are available to suit your team building requirements for any size group.   Here are a few examples of activities Peter can organise and lead –

A blind wine tasting competition pitting groups against each other to test their skills, or their intuitive guesses!  Part educational, mostly fun, participants will need to discuss and agree as a team on answers to move forward together.

A wine blending session allows participants to work in teams or individually to take different base wines and make their own signature blend which they can take home with them.

Peter will be delighted to discuss your requirements and create a memorable event for your teams. Peter is available for evening and day sessions, Australia wide.

Phone 02 9552 2366 or email here