Spring Chicken – Food & Wine Matching

Chicken is a go-to ingredient, so it’s time to add some new recipes to your repertoire with flavour-packed takes on classic dishes, plus wines to match selected by Peter Bourne, in

Gourmet Traveller WINEOctober/November 2018

What to Drink with…Beef

Peter Bourne’s preferred protein source, high-quality cuts of beef demand top-notch drink matches, and here they are, in

Gourmet Traveller WINEOctober/November 2018

Rosé On Pour – GTW Panel Tasting

GT WINE’s expert panel, convened by Peter Bourne, have pitted Australia against France to determine the best rosés for you to sip on as the weather warms up, in

Gourmet Traveller WINE – October/November 2018


Spin the Bottle – Hawke’s Bay

Tough times have borne a wine and design powerhouse on this wild stretch of New Zealand’s North Island, writes Peter Bourne and Emma Mulholland in

Qantas Travel Insider – November 2018


Spin the Bottle -Sonoma County

It’s often overshadowed by neighbouring Napa Valley but this region on the Californian coast should be on every wine lover’s bucket list, writes Peter Bourne and Jo McKay in

Qantas Travel Insider – October 2018


Where to spend a Wine Weekend on the Mornington Peninsula

Known for producing fine pinot noirs and chardonnays, the Victorian region has added stellar hotels and art to its drawcards.  The road to Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula is paved with surprises,
writes Peter Bourne and Akash Arora in

Qantas Travel Insider August 2018


Leading Reds – GTW Panel Tasting

The Limestone Coast is going from strength to strength as it focuses on red wines crafted from cabernet, shiraz and merlot, finds the expert panel of tasters convened by Peter Bourne for

Gourmet Traveller Wine August/September 2018

Lucy Maddox & Chris Derez are Winemaker of the Year (2018) Finalists

Lucy Maddox and Chris Derez are the names behind some of the best wines coming out of Orange, Hilltops and Central Ranges via their discreet winemaking company – worthy finalists indeed, writes Peter Bourne in

Gourmet Traveller Wine August/September 2018

GTW Wine List of the Year Readers’ Choice Award

Peter Bourne had the decided pleasure of being on the panel of expert judges to study lists from all over the country to determine the most exciting collections of wines, spirits and beers.  He explains why Charred Kitchen & Bar in Orange NSW was clearly the winner for the Readers’ Choice category, in

Gourmet Traveller Wine August/September 2018

What to Drink with…Pasta

With a multitude of pastas to choose from and as many sauces to have with them, Peter Bourne narrows down his favourites with wines to match, in

Gourmet Traveller Wine August/September 2018