The Twenty Five Doors ‘Keen Eye Pick’ for January

Every month, I cast my eye over the Twenty Five Doors wine club and nominates his ‘keen eye pick‘. These are unique offers directly from wineries that aren’t available anywhere else.

Pack of the Month

Margan White Label Semillon 2016 – 2009

Andrew Margan is a Hunter hero, his semillons the epitome of the trim, taut Hunter style. The opportunity to ‘unscrew’ a six vintage collection (including a 2012 -2016 vertical) is a rare delight. Unscrew – as they are all sealed with a screwcap to retain freshness while developing the wonderful toast and honey aromas and hallmark rich yet compact palate. Like a squabble of siblings, each vintage vies for your attention with the 2009 gliding along its seemingly endless plateau while the 2016 bounces about with all the enthusiasm of youth. Gather a few friends, a bag of Port Stephens oysters and shuck you way through these classic Hunter semillons.

This six vintage collection demonstrates the Hunter Valley’s distinctive vintage variation through the crystal clear prism of semillon. Go to @twentyfivedoors for more info.  @andrewmargan @marganwine #huntervalleysemillon #twentyfivedoors


A Single Bottle Worth Your Attention

2015 Chateau Tanunda 50 Year Old Vines Shiraz

This iconic Barossa shiraz is bold, brash and potent. Sourced from 2 vineyards planted in 1960-61, this splendid shiraz tells the story of the Barossa’s unique terroir. Enjoy with a juicy T-bone steak.

The Twenty Five Doors vision is a personal connection between every wine lover and their favourite wineries. They partner with wineries to give you access to personal cellar door wine experiences and incredible wine directly from source. These are limited offers for members only. Visit their website to learn more. Use the code ‘thewineman’ to become a once-off member and buy from the wine club.

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