Spin the Bottle – Yarra Valley

This month, Peter Bourne explores the Yarra Valley region tasting the wine, checking out the cellar doors, sampling the food and bedding down for the night.

Quisine – Qantas inflight magazine September 2017

Grenache The Great – GTW Panel Tasting

With winemakers crafting a broad range of expressions of grenache – single varietal and blends, the GT Wine panel, convened by Peter Bourne, unearthed a wealth of quality wines, in

Gourmet Traveller Wine August/September 2017

Chinese Kitchen – Wine & Food Matching

A modern take on an all-time favourite cuisine sees fresh herbs and chilli take centrestage with mouth-watering results.  Peter Bourne matches wines to recipes by Andy Harris, in

Gourmet Traveller Wines August/September 2017

What to Drink With……Radishes

From France to Japan, Germany to the UK, Peter Bourne’s interesting experiences with radishes inspired him to find unique pairings, in

Gourmet Traveller Wine August/September 2017

Wine Drive in The Riverina

The Riverina, one of Australia’s most important and prolific winemaking regions, is renowned for its sweet wines, but the reds and whites made from Mediterranean varieties also impress.  Peter Bourne spends 2 days exploring this region and writes up the best wineries, wines and dining in

Gourmet Traveller Wine  August/September 2017

Spin The Bottle – Hunter Valley

 The Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest wine region, and is right on Sydney’s doorstep so a day trip is possible.  Peter Bourne explores the wines and this diverse region in

Quisine – Qantas inflight magazine August 2017

The Barossa

The Barossa has it all – a pioneering history, produce driven good and highly acclaimed wines.  This month Peter Bourne explores the delights of this wine and food mecca in

Quisine – Qantas inflight magazine July 2017


Kerri Thompson – GTW Winemaker of the Year Finalist

KT, as she is known, puts much of her success down to good luck, but it’s clear that her boundary-pushing winemaking, spontaneity and love of life are what make her a worthy nominee, writes Peter Bourne in

Gourmet Traveller Wine June/July 2017

Top of the Morning – GTW Panel Tasting

The GTW panel, convened by Peter Bourne, looked at Mornington Peninsula’s 2015 pinot noirs and found impressive quality overall.

Gourmet Traveller Wine June/July 2017

Just Add Wine – Food & Wine Matching

A splash of wine adds flavour and richness to any dish, so open a bottle especially or put your leftover drops to good use, writes Peter Bourne on satisfying that winter comfort food desire in

Gourmet Traveller Wine June/July 2017